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Fun Activities for the Elderly in Aged Care

It is vital for elderly people to stay physically and mentally sharp and active. Not only does this keep them healthy, it’s also a way to keep them happy, busy, and contented.

If you’re anaged care worker, or even just someone who looks after a senior member of the family, then you’ll understand just how important it is to keep an older person’s mind and body active.

Strategy games and activities with that require brain work can help prevent dementia and other cognitive diseases, while creative hobbies like painting or sewing can be a form of relaxation.

If you’re trying to come up with fun activities for the elderly, then let this blog help you out! Read on and try to consider some of these suggestions!


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This might be your go-to when it comes to activities to do with elderly people. Walking can be very beneficial, as it is an excuse to get them in the outdoors and stretch their legs.

If you work in an aged care facility, you try to schedule a daily walk with a group if elderly people who are friends with each other. That way, not only you do you get to give them the physical exercise they need, but you also give them a chance to socialise — something most elderly people enjoy as well.

Looking After a Pet


Astudyshows that owning pets do have health benefits, most especially for seniors.

Pets reduce the risk of heart diseases, improves communication, improves overall mood, helps people socialise, and they help keep you moving!

If you work in an aged care facility, try to introduce the elderly community to a comfort pet. Dogs or cats are the best comfort pet options, as there are heaps of trained canines and felines that are suited for aged care facilities.

A cute and furry friend to pet in their laps will surely prove to be a bundle of joy for elderly people.

Board Games

elderly women playing chess in aged care facility

Playing board games may be the best mental activity for elderly people. Most board games will require them to think and come up with clever strategies — well, all in the name of fun and recreation.

This is good to keep their minds sharp and active.

Chess, Monopoly, Jenga, and Scrabble are just some of the popular board games you may introduce to seniors.

Alternatively, games like bingo don’t require strategy, (which some seniors might prefer) but they do require you to be alert for the winning numbers!

Art Therapy

senior woman on painting activity

Painting or drawing for seniors is an awesome way to let them express their emotions and ideas. It’s also a good way to hone hand-eye-coordination, and is a very good activity to boost cognitive functions.

Art therapy can be very relaxing for most elderly people — which may help in boosting one’s mood and mental health.

If you’re an aged care worker, you can use this as a social recreational activity.

You can try to give them similar things to paint/draw and let them explain their own interpretations afterwards.

Again, socialisation comes into play — which is very helpful for their overall wellbeing.


senior man enjoying a good book

Reading a book might be the best way to relax while keeping the brain happy and healthy.

Most seniors would be happy to enjoy a good book to read as a form of relaxation.

It can be a good way to distract the mind, pass the time, expand vocabulary, and the opportunity of learning something new.

Provide your seniors with a good book to read and give them ample time to finish. Once they’re done, you may talk about the read and just share thoughts and ideas.

We hope the fun activities for the elderly in aged care that we’ve provided can be

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